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Rob Smyth in a Guardian OBO, talking about Gary Naylor:

Oh he’s real. He’s as real as Keyser Soze and even more dangerous if you cross him. The story goes that he once walked into a room full of gunmen armed only a 1937 Wisden; 17 seconds later they were all dead on the floor and Naylor was idly perusing the errata.

Brian Phillips in a Grantland article speculating on what might happen in case of a zombie attack during the Australian Open final:

Djokovic would have fought them and been eaten along with his whole entourage within 15 seconds; Murray and Lendl would have erected barricades out of the judges’ Mount Franklin Spring Water crates and gotten most of the ball kids to safety.

Is it any wonder that having enjoyed Smyth’s writing for so many years, I now enjoy Phillips’s writing equally?