doll shoe

Did you know that Cinderella was called Cindy these days? I had no idea. Well, there is a Cinderella out there in the world, or possibly one of those other princesses Disney makes money out of, who is currently missing a shoe. No, not a shoe, a slipper, a glass slipper. Or it’s perhaps a Barbie who is missing it, which is to say, not just a money-maker for a large corporation, but also a promoter of unrealistic and unhealthy expectations regarding body shape in millions of girls. Yeah, one of those princess types, in addition to waiting for a male to come and rescue them from something or other, is currently missing a dangerously high-heeled shoe, and a five year old girl somewhere is wondering very hard why her doll has one of her dainty feet unshod.

Because there’s a shoe that’s travelled in my bag, and ended up on my desk and it’s sitting on a nickel right now, and after a few moments of thinking, “Gosh, that’s so cute and the manufacturing is so detailed,” my train of thought has veered off in a very grown-up direction. I wonder what it might be like to really be five again.