birds at salton sea

There are birds at sunrise at Salton Sea. I am not sure why this fact is not more widely known. As far as I am concerned, it deserves to be shouted from the rooftops.

They are mostly cormorants, along with seagulls and pelicans, and a smattering each of a dozen other kinds. But they are there in their thousands and they are all flying, Icarus-like, towards the orange ball rising up into the sky.

A lot of them fly in nice V-formations, I’m sure they learnt to do that from the fighter planes they saw in airshows. In the process they remind some of us of Marathi songs. But they all get out of their nests at the crack of dawn, they brush their teeth, they change out of their pajamas into their outdoor clothes, and they just take the great avian highway over the water straight towards the sun.

The show lasts about an hour at least and is not to be missed. Towards the end there are some stragglers, who must have hit the snooze button on their alarms and overslept, but have still made it out, better late than never, to meet their giant orange friend.

I’ve written about this sort of thing before, of course. It was about dolphins that time. This too is an utterly enriching experience.

birds at salton sea