Disclaimer: The thought behind this one is so simple, and the wonder so childlike, that it felt appropriate to write it using the rhymes of 8-year olds. (It’s another matter that I’m not capable of anything better anyway!)

Emails from tomorrow

Looking at new emails, the timestamp column is narrow,
But there’s one ‘stamp that stands out, the one that says “Tomorrow”

I see it often enough, but it still takes me aback,
That some friends live in tomorrows, I always lose track

Getting emails from tomorrow is a Western hemisphere thing,
As a Californian using Pine, it has a familiar ring

I write a quick email, sending it off in the evening
The Earth being a spinny ball, she sees it in the morning

From the morning of the morrow, her response comes swiftly
It’s her timestamp Pine puts on it, “Tomorrow,” he says innocently

I see it in my inbox, I stare at it awhile
That timestamp which says tomorrow, it always makes me smile